Thursday, July 31, 2008

This is a poster I designed in collaboration with Devin Kenny for a gig he is performing on the 8th of August. Devin wanted something that would 1). advertise a show about gameboy music without relying on the usual symbols, and 2). Make his name really prominent. I make pretty terrible graphic design, most of the time, and I feel like this plays to my strengths. Grids are boring and so are most "mainstream" fonts, so I just dug up a rather plain, classical font (Baskerville) and tried to destroy both my grid and the letter forms. Overall it's a lazy effort that turned out much better than most of my serious efforts.

Oh, and the image is from Volume 2 of the Akira manga. It's the room where all the telekinetic subjects live. We touched it up a bit and changed the colors around. We chose it because it was nondescript but from a very awesome source.

Baldspot Waddle Manifesto

I'm starting this blog to make more work--as a diet that adds instead of subtracts--as the acceleration against my static friction. Four times a week, starting next week, I plan to update this blog with new work. All of this is fairly self-explanatory; and even though I'm doing the work "for myself" and "for art's sake", I'm sharing stuff on the internet for the first (maybe) time. And obviously I'm writing this blog post because I believe someone will read this blog and be impressed.

Even so, placebos are just as good as real medicine.

Edit: After a year and less than 2 dozen posts, I'm surprised I started so optimistically