Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pure Fish Has No Water

The paintings from my senior show, Pure Fish Has No Water

Ching Chong Chinaman

the postcard for a new play coming to NYC, Ching Chong Chinaman. On this one I followed the client's exact instructions, so it wasn't as much about designing the postcard as illustrating it. I can't really explain how any of this works conceptually, because I don't really know, but I tried to make it look nice. It's loony enough to work, I think.

New York Korean Parade

Another sketch that went nowhere, this time for the Korean Day Parade, but it was ignored (therefore rejected) without any reaction at all. That ticked me off more than I thought it would, because working for free is okay if I get some kind of work experience out of it, but without client feedback a day's work more or less evaporated.

I tried to reference the Korean fan dance, which I thought was culturally representative without being stereotypical or trite.

Manhattan Cardiovascular

these are the initial sketches I did for a new logo for Manhattan Cardiovascular. The issue here is that I couldn't think of a way to make them a logo without using a cartoon heart, but I still felt like a logo for a heart practice needed a heart in it. So these were exercises at making abstractions of hearts that don't look like the typical cartoon hearts.

Children's Athletic Training School

These were some logos I sketched out for the Children's Athletic Training School's website redesign the firm was doing. This was one of the first projects I did there and I think I learned a bit about how to make logos people would actually use. These, while visually appealing, were too busy and conspicuous to make good logos for a child sports gym.

One Hundred Black Men

These were two drafts of a folded postcard I designed for One Hundred Black Men Inc. while I was interning at Fresh Concentrate. I designed them with no info about the event and very vague direction from the client, so I think I instinctively tried to make them challenging by trying not to make them racist or stereotypical. Ultimately it didn't really matter and I never worked on the final design, but it was interesting to figure out.

Inevitable Duh

Wow, I really haven't been taking good care of the blog.

Inevitable Duh, Devin KKenny's show on February 5th.

Maybe I tried doing too many things here, and I think I should've put all the show info underneath everything else like the credits on a movie poster or something, instead of trying to go for pictorial consistency. Having that be legible is probably more important than demonstrating that it's about fertilization.