Monday, April 5, 2010

NYC Film Food Festival

My submission to the poster contest for the NYC Film Food Festival. Pretty straightforward guidelines, and since it had to be over 24 x 36 and print-ready in an under-5MB pdf, I could only see it being a vector thing.

I've been watching Top Gear lately, and one adjective they repeatedly use to describe expensive cars is "vulgar". Not necessarily in a bad way, just as something that is shamelessly decadent and overdone, but through that it becomes an honest appreciation of what makes cars great. I tried to do that with both food and films, and just make the most erotic illustration of food and film with the typography that describes them.

It's actually not what the event is about at all, though. It's not the energetic and shameless cliche in the poster, but more a post-starbucks smugness (stuff like bacon fads). The poster's pretty unfeasible anyways, so I don't expect it to win, but I sorta like how it turned out.